Citizen reporter
1 minute read
11 Oct 2017
4:06 pm

WATCH: Cash-in-transit driver loses war against robbers

Citizen reporter

The man puts up a good fight against the determined robbers, who eventually manage to get away with a trolley full of money.


A recent video of armed robbers trying to take a trolley full of cash from a cash-in-transit vehicle in Krugersdorp has emerged.

In the video, one of the robbers can be seen dragging a trolley with money towards their getaway car when a security team uses their armoured vehicle to try and swat the robbers away by running them over.

However, this does not happen, as they manage to get away.

They again try to pick up the trolley when the security vehicle drives back to the trolley and hits the back of the getaway car in the process.

The robbers then drive off, leaving two of their accomplices stranded and the security van comes back for the trolley.

The robbers in the getaway car do not give up, so they again come back for the trolley, and unfortunately they manage to put it in their car and drive off with it this time.

Watch the video below: