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3 Oct 2017
5:06 pm

WATCH: SAPS member sorts out her DStv problem while ‘crime victims’ wait

Citizen reporter

'I want it to be reconnected because it's giving me problems because you're charging me and it's off,' says the cop.


A video of a South African Police Service (SAPS) member using her work phone to make a call to sort out her disconnected DStv has emerged and divided social media users.

In the video shot at Buccleuch satellite station, it seems two women went to the police station, though it was unclear if they found the police officer on the phone already or if she made the call while they were waiting to be served.

The two women can be heard laughing and asking what they will do, as they don’t think they will find whatever they are looking for at the station.

The officer tells a consultant on the phone: “Can you please open it for now. I have two of them, I think it’s the one for the Compact and the other one is [she reads out reference number]. I want it to be reconnected because it’s giving me problems because you’re charging me and it’s off. No they didn’t reverse it, if they say I owe MultiChoice R69, they didn’t reverse. I’m not happy.”

The video has divided social media, with some calling for her to be suspended for using state resources to sort out her personal problems, while some said she had done nothing wrong.

“These are types that must be dealt with severely. Part of killing this government. can you issue some instructions here,” said one, while another wrote: “All these police officers at stations have this aura of wanting to be feared and respected whilst they crap all over you. Give a fool power.”

The rest said the video clip showed only one side of the story and should therefore not be taken seriously. They questioned why the ladies were giggling instead of talking directly to the SAPS member to prove that they had indeed been ignored.

“People are just out to prove something with our police. Those ladies were giggling never even spoke directly to the cop. They just recorded her,” said one who was defending the cop, while another wrote: “It’s really funny how all these comments are calling for her to be fired and yet there’s nothing proving that she didn’t attend to complaints.”

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said he was aware of the video and had followed up on the matter.

“We have followed up on this and action will be taken against the police officer involved,” he said.

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