Woman causes a furore on Twitter, says SA was ‘beautiful and lively’ under apartheid regime

Woman causes a furore on Twitter, says SA was ‘beautiful and lively’ under apartheid regime

The tweet angered South Africans from all races, with some calling for her to leave the country.

It was just a normal Thursday on Twitter until user Karin @ginamydog posted the South African apartheid flag and said life was “beautiful and lively” back then.

She urged those who follow her to “salute” if they agreed with the post.

The tweet read: “Daar was n tyd gewees wat Suid Afrika n mooi leefbare land was met al’s in plek. Reply met n salute as die pic jou hoendervleis gee…(There was a time when South Africa was a beautiful, lively country with all of its in place. Reply with a salute if the pic gives you chicken meat …)”

What followed however may have caught her by surprise as users dragged her for saluting a flag of “racial oppression.”

The tweet angered many South Africans including actress Nokuthula Ledwaba who responded with: “Hold on, Karin. Stop talking to sh*t. Enjoy the rest of your day. And … f**k you.”

Other tweeps followed in on with more disagreements and insults.

Twitter user @DarrylCombe said it was not true that the country was “beautiful” under the apartheid government.

“Simply not true Karin. It certainly was not a good place if you were anything other than white. How is it that you cannot see that?”

Stephen O’Brien @StephenO35 tweeted: “Sorry, that picture sends cold shivers down my spine. I think of Eugene De Kok and government sanctioned killing and torture when I see that.”

The tweet angered all races.

EMV @AlamortWoman tweeted: “You make the world this we are all the same and you are – racist. Did you really this white people will support your sh*t opinion?”

Here are some of the responses to Karin’s unfortunate tweet:


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