WATCH: Man shamed for filling his car with R3.50 worth of petrol



‘You’re sitting and smiling, you piece of rubbish,’ says an onlooker in disbelief.

A video of a man shaming another at a garage has been doing the rounds on social media. In the video, a man stops his white Golf at a garage to fill it with petrol, but only pours R3.50 worth of petrol.

The men at the station cannot believe it, so they take a video of the man to show his face, but he hides in embarrassment.

A man in disbelief can be heard saying in Afrikaans: “He’s throwing petrol in now. Let’s see how much he puts in.

“Jissus, R3.50’s petrol. No, god, man.

“You’re sitting and smiling, you piece of rubbish.

(Driver laughs, covers his face)

“R3.50’s petrol, you’re sleg, man.

“Yassas, my broe. Give the thing his key so he can go.

“Three rand, fifty cents. There it stands. R3.50’s petrol. Where is this c*nt going with this petrol?

“Sir, what do you have to say for yourself?

“No, god, man. Sleg!”

Watch the video below posted on YouTube by SA Live:


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