Manana will not resign as MP, says he is looking forward to his ‘new role in parliament’

Mduduzi Manana. Gallo Images.

Still an MP, Mduduzi Manana says he will serve wherever the party deploys him.

Following an assault scandal that Le d to him resigning as the deputy minister of higher education, Manana says he will not resign as an MP.

In an interview with Sunday Times, he said he would retain his position in the National Assembly. Calls for Manana to resign have come from women-abuse lobby groups who are appalled that he still has a high-ranking job within parliament despite confessing to beating two women at a Johannesburg night club last month.

“I’m still waiting for party leadership to give me direction. I started as a member of parliament. I sat as a member of parliament for three years. This is a deployment, and wherever I’m sent by the party I will serve accordingly.

“I will serve anywhere where the party sends me to, any portfolio committee. If they send me to rural development, I will serve there, I will take instruction from the party,” he said.

On his assault case, Manana said he was seeking professional help to deal with the ‘underlying issues’ that led to the incident.

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