UPDATE: McBride denies he assaulted his daughter

Robert McBride, Ipid executive director.  
Picture: Michel Bega.

Robert McBride, Ipid executive director. Picture: Michel Bega.

The head of Ipid has opened a case of abduction against a woman he says has a history of fabricating cases, and is linked to an investigation of Phahlane.

In a statement on Saturday, Independent Police Investigating Directorate (Ipid) boss Robert McBride issued a statement against allegations that he had allegedly choked a teenage girl.

He confirmed the stories related to his daughter, but the abuse allegations were contrived and he laid the blame at the door of his growing list of enemies.

“I issue this statement with a heavy heart as I have refrained from commenting out of concern for my minor child. However, I have decided to comment as I have noticed that other people, including those investigated by Ipid, have inveigled themselves into my family matters and have no concern for the wellbeing of my children – only for their own scores to settle with me, which is why the story has seemed newsworthy even though the press rules forbid the identification of children.”

McBride was referring to the fact that news articles had reported a case of alleged assault was opened against him for allegedly choking the teenager.

A source close to the family had earlier confirmed to The Citizen that McBride had reprimanded the girl, but had not touched her.

“When they arrived home he dropped her off and went to a meeting. When he returned she was no longer at home and was taken by a certain Rochelle John, a friend of his ex-wife.”

McBride opened a case of abduction against John on the grounds she had no legal standing to remove the teenager from McBride’s home.

“She is not a court-appointed guardian, doctor, teacher, district surgeon or youth counsellor. She also has a long history of opening meritless cases. John also tried to extort money from the family,” the source told The Citizen.

“The last conversation McBride had with John was two weeks ago, when she asked him to squash her traffic fines, which he refused to do,” said the source.

“There have been numerous attempts to fabricate cases against McBride by the Hawks and information has emerged that Crime Intelligence is part of these attempts.”

Documents seen by The Citizen show John has a long record of reporting cases to the police. In 1998 she reported a theft (undetected); in 1999 there was a theft of motor vehicle; in 2000 she reported someone for supplying false details to the police (withdrawn); in 2002 there was another theft (undetected); in 2003 a theft; in 2007 an assault (declined to prosecute); in 2011 a forgery (decline to prosecute); in 2015 another theft (undetected); in 2016 she reported a parent/guardian for assaulting a child with cable (filed); and in 2016 again she reported yet another theft.

The cases had been reported at the Yeoville, Randburg, Sandton, Sandringham, Norwood, Rosebank and Alexandra police stations over the years.

In the rest of his statement, McBride says:

“I am not at all surprised by the latest allegations against me – I have been accused of treason, conspiracy to murder and plotting an Arab Spring-style revolution, all of which have come to nought. Those making the allegations have now gone silent, after failing to substantiate their allegations.

“I admit that I admonished one of my daughters, whom I love very much. She is my daughter from a previous relationship and I obtained custody of her a few years ago as I realised that she was being neglected. Lately, I became concerned that her marks at school had dropped substantially and her behaviour was somewhat rebellious. That was my reason for admonishing her. My daughter was seated directly behind me in the car, it would have been impossible for me to drive and ‘assault’ and ‘throttle’ her at the same time. I deny that I assaulted her and that she had any injuries when I left her at home. I have already indicated to the police that I will co-operate fully with the investigation.

“I found a letter written by my daughter which suggests possible experimentation with drugs and self-harm. I expressed concern about all this as it could possibly explain the recent change in personality. I would like to get help for my daughter so that she can get back to her former bubbly self. I would do anything for my daughter, she means everything to me. I do not believe that Rochelle John who took it upon herself to take my 15 year-old daughter without my permission, has her interest at heart. The same Rochelle has been posting pictures of my 15 year-old daughter without any concern that she will be identified, which is against the law.

“I have recently become aware that Rochelle John, who opened the case of assault against me, has a long history of opening fabricated cases against people. The cases were opened in Randburg, Sandton, Yeoville, Norwood, Rosebank, Sandringham and Alexandra police stations. In one case, as in mine, there were attempts to extort money from a parent who was alleged to have assaulted his child. It appears to be her modus operandi.

“I know Rochelle John as a friend of my ex-partner, from whom I am estranged for about 15 years. My ex-partner is not the complainant in this matter. About two weeks before I admonished my daughter, Rochelle John asked me to squash traffic fines for her and I told her very clearly that I would do no such thing. She was upset with me for refusing to assist her to break the law.

“The Ipid, which I lead, has uncovered evidence linking the former acting national commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane to a service provider who bought vehicles for at least one of Phahlane’s relatives. Phahlane’s relative was confronted by the investigators just over a week ago. A link has also been established between Rochelle John and the service provider. I am, therefore, not surprised that a normal family disagreement with my daughter, who is a minor child would be turned into a public spectacle just to get at me.

“Out of concern for my daughter, I have also opened a case of abduction against Rochelle John on the basis that she has no legal standing to be in custody of my minor child as she is not the guardian, teacher, doctor, district surgeon or youth counsellor, all of whom could have done so, if there was any reason to open a case in the interest of the child.

“I will not be commenting further out of concern for my child.”

John declined to speak to The Citizen and said she had no comment.

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