Despite speed cameras not working, JMPD says ‘We’re still watching you’

Speed fines are now being issued ‘directly to transgressors’.

Councillor Michael Sun, the MMC for public safety in Johannesburg, has said in a statement that Johannesburg metro police officers are not relying on their currently non-operational speed cameras to enforce speed traffic law enforcement.

He said that it was wrong to assume that enforcement had stopped, however.

The contract the department had in place with its service providers for speed cameras ended in January 2017, Sun said, and there was currently no new system operating.

Nevertheless, the department of public safety said it was “alarmed by reports that there is no traffic law enforcement in the city”.

Sun said that, “with the assistance of the City of Ekurhuleni’s speed contract, speed law infringement fines have been directly issued to transgressors”.

“Furthermore, JMPD has deployed traffic management officers to various hot spots across the city to man the mobile speed cameras.”

Sun added that they weren’t doing this to generate revenue but to rather encourage residents to “abide to road regulations which are aimed at reducing road carnage”.

He said the department was in the process of advertising a new speed law enforcement tender that would be issued within three weeks.


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