I have never lifted a finger on my wife, says Mzwanele Manyi

Jimmy Manyi. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

Jimmy Manyi. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Theana Breugem)

Many have asked him if he wants a pat on the back for it now.

Progressive Professionals’ Forum’s Mzwanele Manyi divided Twitter on Sunday after sharing his thoughts on the recent reports on Mduduzi Manana, Marks Maponyane and Shaka Sisulu having allegedly assaulted women.

Taking to Twitter, Manyi said that in his 30 years of marriage, he had never lifted a finger on his wife despite disagreements.

“Beating up women can never be justified,” he said.

However, some of his followers thought what Manyi said was nothing “to be proud of”, as if it was an achievement.

“Because you were not supposed to lift a finger on her to start with. Why should it be an achievement,” said one of his followers.

Manyi, however, said what the follower had raised was not the point.

“The point is that it’s doable not to beat up women,” he said, a comment that just kept making the hole he had dug for himself deeper.

He was told that using the word ‘doable’ again made treating women with respect sound like an achievement, though Manyi kept insisting he was being misunderstood, saying English was his seventh language.

“But I’m sure you got the message loud and clear,” he said.

“What a bizarre thing to write (1st sentence) – as if a husband deserve praise for not hitting his wife – isn’t that a given?” another follower asked.

Manyi said not all husbands could say the same even after only five years of marriage.

“I lead by example, unapologetically so,” he added.

His timeline was flooded with comments from people who said Manyi wanted a pat of the back for not beating up his wife in their 30 years of marriage.

However, some said Manyi was being “attacked” by bitter people who were apparently looking for attention on Twitter. Manyi only highlighted that not beating a woman was possible despite the disagreements that may happen, they argued.

“Some people really need to chill, I actually don’t see anything wrong with this tweet. No man this bitches must relax!” said one who defended him against the critics.

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Check out some of the reactions from Twitter below:

“As if this is an achievement. Hoping for a pat on the back?!”

“South Africans lack logic, I don’t see anything wrong about Manyi’s tweet. Y’all love making stories outta nothing.”

“I lived near a bank for 30 years. I never robbed it. Not even once.”

“Lol…what sense. ..sounds like government saying. ..We building roads for so and so community. ..as if it’s a favour. ..no it’s your duties.”

“Some people really need to chill, I actually don’t see anything wrong with this tweet. No man this bitches must relax!”

“This is not an achievement jimmy!!! It is supposed to be unspoken unheard of and never done. Nothing to brag about. Just never ever do it!!”

“Won’t say well done for not beating ur wife but, thank u for showing what is decent and good We need more of this, plenty good guys out here!”


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