South Africa 12.8.2017 11:22 am

Suspect shot dead in failed robbery on MEC in Nyanga

Albert Fritz. Picture: Gallo Images

Albert Fritz. Picture: Gallo Images

Western Cape MEC Albert Fritz was involved in a firefight on Saturday morning.

The City of Cape Town has confirmed that Western Cape social development MEC Albert Fritz was involved in a shooting in Nyanga on Saturday morning.

According to the city, the incident happened outside a church along Zwelitsha Drive. He had been attending an event just before 10am.

Fritz was travelling with two security personnel and two suspects carrying firearms robbed the MEC of his cellphones at gunpoint while they were waiting in their vehicle.

Both suspects were shot at; one died, while a bystander was shot and wounded. The other suspect was severely wounded. A third suspect escaped.

The City’s JP Smith reportedly said: “[The suspects] drew a firearm and attempted to fire at the one protector, which caused the protectors to defend themselves and the MEC. One of the armed robbers was fatally wounded, the other one seriously wounded. It appears a bystander might also have been injured.”

Smith said one of the suspects’ gun had jammed. He said Fritz and his bodyguards were unharmed.

The cellphones and firearms were recovered.

In an interview with eNCA, Smith said it seemed clear the attackers had not known they were targeting an MEC, and it was just a normal robbery attempt, not an attempted hit.

He admitted that Nyanga was regularly among the top 10 most dangerous places in South Africa when it came to violent crime.

He said Fritz “is not an easily shaken man … his primary concern was for the other people involved”.

Smith complimented the bodyguards on their alertness and ability to repel the attack.

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