Malema: I am not obsessed about power

Julius Malema. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

‘Don’t worry about me, worry about the country,’ says Malema.

In his address to attendees of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ fourth birthday bash in Durban on Saturday afternoon, Malema warned his supporters to focus on the revolution and the country rather than him, saying he was not “obsessed about power”.

Malema said that if the supporters decided he should go, then he would leave and “go back to farming”.

This came after Malema spoke about land claims and described how “thousands of our people have a place to call home today because of EFF”, however, he warned the supporters not to name the “land we give you after us” but urged them to rather “name it after the revolution”.

He uttered a strict warning for supporters not to rely on individuals.

“Individuals sell out,” he said.

He further encouraged supporters to continue to do the right things, for example to report corruption, even if nothing is done, as he said: “History will absolve us!”

He said the party had opened several cases whereby “nothing was done”, but he encouraged supporters saying: “One day, we will prosecute.”

Later, Malema added that it was important that African leaders learnt to leave office when their term came to an end.

Ending off his speech, he continued with the notion that the EFF belonged to the supporters, saying that it was not his birthday but rather that of the supporters:


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