MiWay under fire for fake ‘black baboons’ comment

The insurance company has confirmed that all the uproar is without doubt caused by a fake image.

Social media erupted on Thursday when an email containing racial slurs from a MiWay employee allegedly surfaced.

A MiWay claims assessor was allegedly exposed on social media for sending an email which contained racist slurs.

The email, which has subsequently been confirmed as fake, read:

“This is a reminder of yesterdays managers meeting. The final decisions was to reject 90% of claims made by black people as from 1 August 2017. They are an easy target, its also a great opportunity to save money and punish these black baboons.”

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

The email was allegedly sent on March 27. It also alleges that a meeting happened “yesterday”, meaning the suggested management meeting happened on Sunday, March 26. There is also a typing cursor in the last line of the mail to give away the fact that this can’t actually be real.

After initially tweeting that the person who allegedly sent the email was in fact a MiWay employee, the company released a statement in which they said they could “categorically confirm that the email is fake”.

Their CEO René Otto added: “An urgent investigation was launched and we can confirm that the email with its content was never sent from a MiWay employee. There was also no such meeting that took place or decision to this effect.”

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