PICS: When ANC supporters thought Malema would be a hairdresser

Julius Malema enjoying his job as a hairdresser. Picture: Instagram.

Julius Malema enjoying his job as a hairdresser. Picture: Instagram.

Malema, who ANC supporters thought would enjoy his new job, says he prayed for them, as they did not know better.

EFF leader Julius Malema has recently shared pictures of ANC supporters who thought his suspension from the ANC would be the end of him.

The EFF leader was axed in 2012 for allegedly sowing divisions and bringing the party into disrepute.

At the time, Malema said he would never leave the ANC and start a new party, even after his suspension.

“Those of us who committed our lives, including our childhood, to the African National Congress, we have been rejected today. We’re going to fight this political battle, I can tell you today, you must put it on the archives today so when it happens, you can replay it. I’m going to lead the ANC. I will lead this ANC.

“My blood is is black, green and gold; I will never form a political party. I will die ANC, I don’t need a card to be ANC,” he said, though his comments were mocked by ANC members who thought it was over for him.

Memes and protests followed Malema’s suspension, with most mocking him and calling him a “dictator”.

“RIP,” some wrote on their placards, along with coffins and tombstones.

In one of the memes Malema shared, some were convinced the EFF leader would end up being a hairdresser. In the picture, Malema can be seen holding a hairspray as he works on a customer, looking as if he is enjoying his job.

Both the ANC supporters and Malema were wrong, as his expulsion from the ANC was not the end of his political career, and contrary to what he said, he did end up forming his own political party.

The EFF leader said he only prayed for the ANC supporters, as they apparently did not know what they were doing.

Malema wrote on Instagram: “TBT RIP Juju and our effortless acknowledgment was: ‘Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.'”

Check out the pictures shared by the EFF leader below:

Malema’s party has become a pain for the ruling party, mostly President Jacob Zuma, who Malema has insulted in every way possible. The party voted with the DA in the elections last year, leaving the ruling party with only one metro.

Since then, there have been calls from ANC leaders for Malema to return to the ruling party, though Malema has done nothing but mock them.

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