South Africa 17.7.2017 12:51 pm

Video of Porsche driver robbed by ‘Rolex gang’ at garage raises questions

People think the petrol attendant may have been complicit, but others have cautioned against such judgment.

CCTV footage from an alleged robbery at a filling station at Illovo, Johannesburg, just over a week ago has left many social media users with more questions than answers.

The video, shared on Facebook by Crime Page SA and already viewed more than 100 000 times, shows a white Porsche next to a fuel pump.

A white Mercedes-Benz SUV then pulls up, and a short while later someone in the Porsche has a gun pointed at them by a gang from the SUV.

It’s not known what was stolen from the driver, but the robbers were allegedly part of the infamous “Rolex gang”, which steals jewellery, watches, cellphones and cash from rich people. The gang allegedly cases people while they are in shopping malls and then tracks them when they leave.

They therefore know which valuable luxury items these targets have in their possession.

Facebook users have posed questions about what they allege is the suspicious behaviour of the petrol attendant, who doesn’t seem too troubled when the gun gets drawn.

Some people have alleged that petrol attendants may have been complicit in this crime, though others were quick to warn against rushing to such a conclusion as attendants are not “security guards” and would not have been able to do anything against gangsters with guns.

Many users have advised against flashing expensive items in public, as the risk nowadays is just too high.

Watch the video below:


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