Don’t feed me your English from London, Zuma tells Maimane

Don’t feed me your English from London, Zuma tells Maimane

FILE PICTURE: Mmusi Maimane, then leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) reacts in frustration in parliament back in 2016, under Zuma's presidency. Picture: EPA/NIC BOTHMA

The president explained to Maimane what ‘radical economic transformation’ means.

President Jacob Zuma has denied that the terms “radical economic transformation” and “white monopoly capital” are inventions of Bell Pottinger, the former Gupta family PR company.

Zuma told Maimane, the DA leader, that he could not dictate to him how to use the nuances of the English language and that Maimane must focus on the content, and not the language.

“Radical economic transformation means you change the economy from the manner in which it is operating so it is able to address the needs of all South Africans. At the moment, it is not. Unless you want me to say it in Zulu,” he shot back at Maimane.

Maimane was challenging the president on whether the most realistic transformation gesture would be supporting King Goodwill Zwelithini’s proposal on rejuvenating rural economies through agriculture.

When Maimane told Zuma why he simply did not support Zwelithini’s masterplan, the president told Maimane to “stop feeding me your English from London”.

The DA leader further pressed Zuma to declare whether any member of his family was involved in a nuclear build programme, supply chain or procurement decision making. Zuma, calling Maimane “mfana wami [my boy]”, a remark he was told to withdraw by speaker Baleka Mbete, vehemently denied the allegations.

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