Twitter begs Zille to just stop tweeting after another bizarre tweet

Twitter begs Zille to just stop tweeting after another bizarre tweet

Helen Zille. Picture: Gallo Images

No one really knows what the ‘tragic’ swinging cactus and burning car in a protest have to do with Knysna.

Western Cape premier Helen Zille has been on a Twitter rampage of late, retweeting numerous articles that have shown support for her in the wake of her suspension from all DA-related activities due to her tweets on colonialism.

On Saturday she also shared an old meme of a man in a protest somewhere in Africa swinging a cactus next to a burning car. However, what she wrote in the tweet divided opinion on Twitter, with most reactions leaning towards mockery of the premier.

Zille’s comments in her tweet seemed somewhat confusing and contradictory, as she started off by apparently trying to say that she was angry enough right now to swing a cactus herself.

“I need one of those right now.”

But then she seemed to change tack by writing “Tragic pic. Reminds me of the devastation in Knysna.”

It’s unknown what any of this had to do with the fires in Knysna, aside from the fact that there was also a bit of fire in the photograph.

The circumstances are completely different though.

Zille has been tweeting about the Cape fires for days, and continues to share messages of support, especially regarding relief efforts.

However, many on Twitter saw this particular tweet as highly inappropriate and a sign that the premier may finally be losing the plot completely.

Some felt that it was a sign of senility, while others reckoned she was just deliberately trying to irritate people. Quite a few just thought it was genuinely funny, apparently understanding the joke Zille was trying to get across.

That’s if she was trying to convey a joke of some sort.

A number of followers begged her to just stop tweeting, and there were numerous requests for her to finally bow out of politics.

Several Twitter users made fun of her, being variously sarcastic.

Casey Chadwick asked her why she seemed to intent on “destroying your credibility on Twitter, has Trump taught you nothing?”

According to one user, Zille was just having some fun by deliberately trying to irritate people.

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