That time the EFF warned the ANC Zuma would ‘kill all of them’

That time the EFF warned the ANC Zuma would ‘kill all of them’

People have been using the video to tell Zuma’s enemies in the ANC they could have seen it coming.

An old video of EFF deputy president warning the ANC against its leader circulated again this week in the wake of death threats against ANC MP Makhosi Khosa and SA Communist Party second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila.

The video below was taken in parliament during the second week of November 2016.

Shivambu warned the ANC at the time that, in his view, when President Jacob Zuma no longer has anything to lose he will kill all his opponents, including MPs.

Shivambu argued that this was what all dictators on the African continent do when they have no other options left.

He said the president would resort to killing his political opponents when faced with jail time.

These comments did not sit well with ANC MPs and he was called to withdraw them.

Shivambu said: “Let me assure you that I will not withdraw the truth. I repeat that all dictators kill their opponents at the end when they have nothing to lose. Now you think he is your friend … he is going to kill all of you.”

Earlier this week EFF leader Julius Malema advised the SACP to increase the security detail for Mapaila because “anything is possible”.

Malema issued the warning following the ANC NEC meeting over the weekend in which some called for President Jacob Zuma to step down, though the majority still voted against the motion.

The EFF leader said though some “fool” had been saying the president was the problem, it was not the case. According to Malema, the problem was the ANC leaders who kept voting for Zuma to remain president.

The SACP general-secretary has been publicly criticising the president, calling for him to step down following several corruption accusations in the ANC and the Cabinet reshuffle in March.

“WARNING: The SACP should strengthen security detail of Solly Mapaila, the old man is not happy at all with him and anything is possible,” he said.

The security detail should, however, not include anyone from the police or the SAPS VIP protection unit, as it is “highly compromised”.

“Solly Mapaila is the only one the old man is worried about because the rest he managed to manipulate them, and they are scared like little kids.”

Last month, the SACP said there was an abuse of state events to carry out assassination plots to pursue factional agendas.

This after a gunman aimed a gun at Mapaila as he was ascending to the stage to deliver the party’s message at the commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the assassination of Chris Hani, former SACP general-secretary, who was murdered in April 1993.

“The gunman, who was oblivious that there was a video recording capturing his action, was among the mob of a few hooligans who were premeditatedly coordinated to boo Mapaila and silence the voice of the Communist Party.

“The gunman aborted his mission after what seemed to be an alert to him that he was exposed. In addition, Mapaila had an umbrella because of a heavy rainstorm. This caused a distraction when he ascended the stage, where he shortly announced that he could no longer deliver the SACP message because of the storm, and quickly exited the podium.”

The attempted assassination came after a string of murders of SACP members in Inchanga, KwaZulu-Natal.

Senior ANC MP Makhosi Khoza also says she is living in fear following death threats allegedly from ANC Youth League (ANCYL) members – but she will not be silenced.

She infuriated the ANCYL after her public comments that she was in favour of a secret ballot on the parliamentary no-confidence vote on President Jacob Zuma, to allow MPs to follow their conscience. Khoza wrote on social media that she would not vote for an amoral leader, but did not mention any names.

She told The Citizen: “I am not a suicide bomber, I still want to live and contribute towards shaping the society, even if it means I have to die.”

In speaking the truth, she said, there would be casualties, and she might end up being part of the statistics, but would not be silenced. ANCYL urged members to picket outside her Durban house and posted her home address on social media.

Khoza wept as she spoke of her fears for her children’s lives. Her niece received a threatening phone call on Thursday, saying “your mother will be gone”. She said her attempted attackers can harm her, but they should not touch her children.

“For them to say that they will picket outside my house, it is personal and very close. It’s no longer about me, but my children. They know if they harm my children I will resign.”

She said she wrote a letter to ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu, who said he would discuss the matter with National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete.

Former National Assembly speaker Frene Ginwala told The Citizen it was the speaker’s responsibility to provide security for all members of parliament. She said if the threats were coming from the ANCYL, ANC leadership should investigate. Parliament’s spokesperson, Moloto Mothapo, said it provides security on the premises only.

ANCYL national spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize directed enquiries to the KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga ANCYL, who were unavailable for comment.

Khoza opened two cases with the police.


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