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30 May 2017
11:34 am

Mbalula is a reliable activist, says Malema

Citizen reporter

He must, however, see a future beyond Zuma to avoid being 'collateral damage', says the EFF leader.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula. Photo: ANA.

Though some have been criticising Police Minister Fikile Mbalula’s activity on social media since his appointment, some, including EFF leader Malema, have commended him for a job well done.

Mbalula has been encouraging people to report crimes to him on Twitter, a move some thought was a “joke”. The minister again took to social media to inform people his system has been working, as people have been reporting crime.

“Your anti-crime tweets inboxes are super. We have made more arrests accurate no prank keep it up,” earning a few encouraging words from the EFF leader.

Malema has encouraged people to give Mbalula their “undivided” support because he was “on a mission”.

“The thugs have taken over our streets, and we should reclaim them. We must identify police who are working with criminals and isolate them.

“We need more aggressive response when dealing with criminals,” he said.

Malema assured people if they reported anything crime-related to Mbalula, they would get a positive response.

Responding to people who did not understand why Malema was rallying behind the minister, he said though he disagreed with Mbalula’s support for Zuma, “he’s a reliable activist”.

He further said Mbalula had to see a future beyond the president, “or else he will become collateral damage”.

Mbalula announced his operation #WanyaTsotsi, warning criminals they were in trouble. He further warned club owners to clean up their businesses, as he would conduct random drug searches.

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