Groblersdal ready with guns to fight ‘ANCYL’ land invasion

Picture: iStock

Picture: iStock

According to farmers in the area, ‘youth league members’ threatened to occupy their land.

On Monday evening, the Facebook page of Front National, a white-rights party, announced that farmers in Limpopo were being threatened with land grabs by people identifying themselves as members of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL).

According to Front National, they allegedly had plans to occupy farms in the Diepkloof area 16km outside of Groblersdal.

Front National and its affiliate, Boere Krisis Aksie, asked members of the community to keep themselves on standby to take quick action if necessary.

Writing in Afrikaans on Facebook, they said: “We ask that if you respond to such a call and you are armed that you PLEASE ensure that your weapon is used for self-defence only and that it is properly holstered or in a rifle case, and that you carry your licence on your person.”

On Tuesday afternoon, they said that their call had mobilised the community, but there had been no further attempts by anyone to set foot on farms.

“Everything is quiet and under control,” they announced.

It was also announced on Tuesday that the high court has granted AfriForum a court order preventing EFF leader Julius Malema from inciting any more land grabs. He is also facing a criminal case for telling his supporters to occupy any land they like. He warned outside court last year that he was not calling for the slaughter of white people, “at least for now”.

The current ANC Youth League has no official programme of land occupations and has not called for land grabs in the same manner as the EFF.

Front National is a political party formed in late 2013 that contested the 2014 national elections. It promotes secession and Afrikaner self-determination. It says it strikes no distinction between English-speaking whites and Afrikaners.

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