Hofmeyr on Malema, ‘vaginas’ and apartheid land ‘karma’

Musician Steve Hofmeyr speaks about his controversial statement that

Musician Steve Hofmeyr speaks about his controversial statement that "South Africa is a pathetic country" during an interview on June 04, 2016 in Johannesburg. Hofmeyr says he was misunderstood. "That's not what I meant, there are too many in South Africa who are not pathetic to make such a ruling." Picture: Gallo Images

The activist slammed black people who supposedly ‘want everything’ without having earned it and not appreciating what Verwoerd did for them.

After the ANC rejected the EFF’s motion to make expropriation of land without compensation constitutionally permissible on Tuesday, EFF leader Julius Malema again called on landless members of the public to occupy any land they want.

This after he told parliament that “Dutch gangsters” came to Africa and stole the land from Africans. He also called on black people to unite in ensuring that section 25 of the constitution is amended. This was to allow government to expropriate land without compensation.

Afrikaner activist and musician Steve Hofmeyr took to Twitter to post a response to what he calls his “incompatible” history of the land compared with that of Malema’s.

Writing in Afrikaans, (our translation) the controversial Afrikaans artist declared that in the former “age of conquest”, African forefathers, who he believes were “not citizens” nor slaves, but merely “subservient” to the Europeans, were “completely unremarkable”, but now they feel they are “entitled to everything”.

The activist sang the praises of apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd for supposedly building “more schools for non-whites than the current government”.

“Your forefathers, just like ours, for a long time also had to live under British rule. Equal dominion led to the changing of hands of ownership between former war opponents, namely the Crown and the Afrikaners. Whites, as you will.

“You were, aside from your ability to multiply, politically, economically and technologically, still completely unremarkable.

“This is why you non-whites were barely an annotation at the peace treaty of Vereeniging, the Balfour Declaration and the eventual declaration of the republic.

“You were, in the context of the time, subservient. Not slaves, but certainly not citizens. If you were citizens, you would have had to pay taxes, which you did not.

“And when you could choose between independence in 10 beautiful, traditional homelands with the richest little country in the world as your safety net, you decided against it. Because you felt you were entitled to everything. Greed and envy is, like karma, also a bitch. I also may have turned down the gift of the homelands had Dr Verwoerd built more schools for non-whites than the current government, with far higher standards, with more jobs than today, less murder and rape, higher life expectancy and unparalleled black income, far higher than ANY other African country.

“More than R2 trillion has been milked from a relatively poor Afrikaner middle class, for you and your forefathers. It must have been like Christmas for Africans who discovered literacy just the other day. And that is how you lived under us.

“You can also not today start throwing your weight around in another man’s sovereignty, particularly if his taxes are going to have to carry you. That is what Apartheid was and it is nothing more than what the whole of Europe, the USA, Israel and Britain is stuck with today.”

Hofmeyr was, in part, responding to a Facebook user, Refilwe Chantel Geraldine Moleko, who allegedly told Hofmeyr that “many vaginas grouped together, make peace with the fact that your time is up … you cry over everything but forget how we [black people] lived under you”.

Hofmeyr said “Karma is what you are getting NOW, but you, Refilwe, don’t know it. You acclimatized to THIS tragic standard that you today consider a healthy norm. Because you are an “Africa millennial”. You know the past solely through Afrocentric propaganda that has sketched non-whites as infallible, perfect little angels for centuries. Not even I underestimate non-whites like you do!

“… you do that (underestimate your own) still with open arms before all sorts of permissiveness, mitigation, advocacy and other people’s money – in a socialist nanny state that will always make non-whites dependent on someone else. And that is why blacks continue to keep the weakest government in human history in power.

“Karma, yes, but you deserve her. You’re right. She’s a bitch. But she’s yours, brother.”


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