MEC slammed for giving inmates KFC

Picture: Facebook

The MEC should have fed the poor law-abiding citizens instead of the inmates, who are part of the problem in the country, people argued.

Community safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane has been highly criticised after pictures of her giving Leeuwkop Correctional Services inmates KFC on Wednesday surfaced on Facebook. The prisoners were, on the same day, given soccer kits and were treated to a ‘Mamelodi Sundowns’ vs ‘Moroka Swallows’ soccer game.

Though some have defended the MEC’s gesture, saying it would help in the prisoners’ rehabilitation, some criticised her, reminding her the people she was giving KFC to may have killed a suffering family’s breadwinner. What about the suffering kids on the street? Some have argued.

“South Africa is the only country in the world which has a government consisting of Idiots who respect criminals, disregard the aged, promote failure at schools and promote the death penalty at hospitals and of cause think that our tax money is solely theirs to use to upgrade their lifestyles. So my dear friends, become unemployed, commit murder and encourage the children not to study and all will be well,” wrote one angry Facebook user.

Some shared stories of how their imprisoned loved ones were suffering and working “like dogs” and that they deserved to be treated a bit and be reminded that they were still very much part of the community.

“I’d like to comment my son is on that prison and has been for the past 5 yrs and we try visit him monthly and let me tell you its very hard in side there. They have a family day once a year where we can bring them food that we can braai or have picnic. Every other visit no food or toiletries is allowed. They have to eat pap and sloppy cabbage on top of the pap with a small piece of meat u can hardly see. Yes they all did wrong but they are trying to change and are taking there punishment. So give them a break.”

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