Daniella Potter
1 minute read
20 Feb 2017
2:39 pm

WATCH: Wreck of a taxi careening down wet freeway

Daniella Potter

It would seem the only appropriate place for this thing would be a scrapyard.

A screenshot of the video posted on the Intelligence Bureau Facebook page of a damaged taxi travelling on a highway. Picture: Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page

A Facebook video of a severely damaged, and seemingly unroadworthy taxi travelling on a highway has caused a stir on social media.

The video was posted on the South Africa Exposed and Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook pages on Monday afternoon and had accumulated thousands of views and shares in a matter of hours since it was posted.

The video footage shows the taxi driving in the slow-lane of a highway – which is unidentified but could be a Gauteng highway as many of the registration plates of the cars, including the taxi, are GP. The roof, left-hand-side and rear of the taxi are severely damaged and the left-hand-side door of the taxi is protruding at the back of the taxi.

The front of the taxi also looks damaged. Though, it is unclear what speed the taxi was traveling at but it was moving at a considerable pace on the highway. It is also unclear as to whether any passengers were in the vehicle.

Facebook users were shocked at the video and while some found a funny side to the incident, like Diederick Pretorius who said, “Still safer than a Kuga” and Jez Mukwevho who said: “It’s just a dent”, others were angered.

Pam Labuschagne commented on the Intelligence Bureau SA post: “WTH how is it still allowed on the road, another accident waiting to happen [sic].”

Watch the video, taken from the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page, here: 

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