Daniella Potter
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20 Feb 2017
12:09 pm

CT film maker captures moving video of life on the streets

Daniella Potter

A Cape Town film maker's attempt to capture a light-hearted video unexpectedly turned into a moving story of life on the streets.

A screenshot of one of the interviewees, identified as Lucin, in video filmed by Howard James Fyvie and posted on Facebook. Picture: Facebook

In a touching video that is doing the rounds on Facebook, a Cape Town film maker has captured his day of talking to people who live on the streets. He found that the people he spoke to just wanted someone to converse with them.

Howard James Fyvie from Cape Town uploaded the video on his public Facebook page, FYVIE, on Friday, and by Monday morning it had already been viewed 19 000 times with 360 shares.

In the Facebook post, Fyvie wrote, “I spent a day with these homeless guys! What happened at the end changed everything… SHARE, LIKE, and PASS ON!”

A screenshot from the Fyvie Facebook page. PIcture: Facebook

A screenshot from the Fyvie Facebook page. PIcture: Facebook

The video starts out in a light-hearted manner as Fyvie struggles with sound in his initial interview with a homeless person and then talks about hairstyles with another man he meets. Fyvie even says in the video, “I thought this was going to be some light-hearted, fun conversation but essentially God had a whole other plan.”

The final interview in the video with a young man is the most moving, as, through tears of grief, he describes how he came to Cape Town in search of a better life after he lost his parents in a fire, and now he only speaks to another person “once in a while … Once a week, maybe”.

Fyvie says in the video, “Imagine only having a conversation with someone once a week when you’re carrying such hectic stuff.”

He found there was a common thread among all the people he had spoken to, who just wanted someone to talk to.

He used the video to call on others to “take 20 minutes out of your lunch break and go and find somebody who doesn’t have anyone else to talk to and start a conversation. Who knows, it might just end up changing his entire life.”

Watch the video here:

In the comments section, many thanked Fyvie for “opening their eyes” and expressed how moved they were by the video.

Whitney Jade Petersen wrote, “Flippen brilliant & I am going to make an effort to try! Thank you for opening our eyes.”

Candice Blake said, “Please do more like these – we need to be reminded what it means to be human!”

Read more comments here: 

A screenshot of the comments on the Fyvie Facebook page. Picture: Facebook

A screenshot of the comments on the Fyvie Facebook page. Picture: Facebook

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