South Africa 16.2.2017 10:45 am

Sharks Board remove shark nets



Major beaches will remain open for bathing and any decisions on further gear removal, if required, will be made.

The KZNSB’s operational management team has been keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm “Dineo”, which is currently active in the Mozambique Channel, Berea Mail reports.

The current and expected track of this weather system suggests that it should not have any serious effect on sea conditions off the KZN coastline.

Head of operations Mike Anderson-Reade said: “These systems often however are very unpredictable and may change direction. In order to minimise potential damage or losses to the shark safety gear the Sharks Board, consultation with coastal municipalities will begin to remove shark safety gear at some of the smaller less popular bathing beaches from and they started removing them on Wednesday, 15 February.”

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He said all major beaches would, however, remain open for bathing and any decisions on further gear removal if required, will be made depending on the movement of the tropical storm.

“It must be stressed that the removal of the gear is purely a precautionary measure to avoid service staff having to go to sea in hazardous conditions to try and remove gear should sea conditions suddenly deteriorate. Most of the gear removal will take place on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal as this area is most likely to be affected should the storm track further southwards. Gear will be replaced as soon as the storm dissipates,” he said.

He urged beach users to check with lifeguards about the status of the beach prior to entering the water.

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