I didn’t take Lundi to heaven, says Pastor Mboro



A report has claimed that the pastor died with Lundi, accompanied him to heaven and, ‘because of his sexual orientation’, negotiated for his entry with St Peter.

Pastor Mapaseka Mboro has come out to rubbish reports claiming that he said he has taken gospel legend Lundi Tyamara to heaven following his death. Mboro said the accusation was meant to damage his reputation.

He said people put words into his mouth because he was a prominent prophet and a threat to people. He further urged people to leave the gospel singer alone, as his sisters were still struggling with his death. “He is in heaven now with no more sickness and pain,” Mboro told TshisaLive.

Fake news website Daily Buzz SA recently published a story saying the Incredible Happenings Church leader told the website of how he died at the time same as Tyamara and accompanied him to heaven and then resurrected.

“I knew Lundi would not enter heaven because of his sexual orientation, but because I have been to heaven before, I went there with him so I could negotiate with St Peter. It worked. When Lundi and I entered each of these layers of Heaven, I would see angels and they would tell me to proceed. But when I reached the Third Heaven, I was met by an angel who told me to go back to life, and leave Lundi there. He was happy. There was a lot of singing and rejoicing by the heavenly hosts,” the website falsely quoted him as saying.

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Mboro has previously made headlines for reportedly saying he went to heaven and took pictures before coming back. There were also allegations that he was selling the pictures for R5 000.


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