WATCH: Was Bathabile Dlamini drunk here? You be the judge



Some who have seen the video say the minister was just exhausted from singing and marching.

A video of ANC Women’s League leader Bathabile Dlamini circulating on social media has left many wondering if she was drunk during President Jacob Zuma’s Sona in parliament on Thursday.

The video, shared by Facebook user Lux Gadl’land, has been viewed more than 200 000 times, with nearly 7 000 reactions and loads of comments, most of them saying the minister looks drunk.

In the video, Dlamini is seen being asked a question by a journalist, while she chews on gum and sometimes tries to close her eyes. While some say she looks drunk, others say she actually only looks rather ill and exhausted.

Watch the video below:

Dlamini made headlines last month after being accused of addressing a crowd at an event while allegedly drunk. Eyewitnesses said the minister was struggling to stand and and sit down by herself and used a mic stand for support.

Following the allegations, her spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant, went on a Facebook rant defending her boss. In the posts she made, she said the minister did not drink alcohol and in fact, hated it. She said if it were up to the minister, South Africans would not be drinking at all.

The women’s league also slammed the reports, saying they had video evidence that Dlamini had looked sober throughout. Despite The Citizen’s numerous attempts to look at their video, however, they ultimately refused to hand it over or allow us to come and see it.

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