Boksburg High School learners filmed fighting

Screen grab for Boskburg High school fight.

Screen grab for Boskburg High school fight.

It shows two men beating up a boy, with one learner wearing a Boksburg High uniform joining in.

The video, filmed outside the school premises, shows Boksburg High learners in the East Rand standing outside the shops, when suddenly two men not wearing school uniforms approach the group and start attacking one of the learners, Boksburg Advertiser reports.

It shows them beating up the boy, with one learner wearing a Boksburg High school uniform also joining in.

Michelle Pieterson, the aunt of the learner seen being beaten up in the video, said she opened a case with the Boksburg police soon after learning about the incident.

Pieterson said they are very angry with the two men in the video.

“The video was taken on Wednesday, February 8. On Tuesday, February 7 we were aware that my nephew and the other boy were involved in a fight at school.”

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“We thought the matter was resolved until the following day when we heard that two big boys had beaten up my nephew. I don’t understand why they got involved because the matter was between my nephew and another child. My nephew sustained injuries and we had to take him to the hospital,” Pieterson said.

Boksburg police confirmed they are investigating a fight between two schoolboys.

“Both the boys from Boksburg High School have opened counter cases against each other and the police are still investigating. Both learners sustained injuries. The police are investigating two cases of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm,” Boksburg police said.

The video of the fight has been shared on YouTube, but cannot be republished here due to child-protection laws.

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