Paedophile gets 32 life sentences



Besides his penis‚ a sex toy and a thermometer‚ he also used a dinosaur toy to penetrate his victims.

One of the country’s worst paedophiles was sentenced to 32 life terms behind bars and a further 170 years on Monday, George Herald reports.

The man‚ who is not being named in order to conceal the identity of his victims‚ will spend the rest of his life behind locked gates at a prison facility in Boksburg‚ Gauteng.

Judge Cassim Moosa said he took into consideration the fact that one of his victims was only a year old when he first undressed her and touched her private parts. He started raping her when she was two-years-old. He had been in a relationship with her mother. “The accused was a father figure to the victim…. He abused her trust‚” said Moosa.

Besides his penis‚ a sex toy and a thermometer‚ he also used a dinosaur toy to penetrate her.

The 40-year-old car salesman pleaded guilty to all of his crimes. Last week‚ he wept before the court‚ saying that he needed help. The court heard how he was a victim of sodomy as a child.

The man’s reign of terror came to an abrupt end when US officials tracked him down after he shared dozens of videos on a website used by paedophiles.

He confessed that he never stopped his sexual assault on the toddler because of guilt‚ but rather because he was afraid of getting caught.

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In an affidavit read to court‚ the man said he stopped raping and sexually molesting the infant “when she began talking too much”. He said he was worried that she would tell others what he did to her.

The prosecution gave details about every video the man made of the toddler. In one‚ he tied her up in a bondage scene. In another‚ a cat was placed on her exposed body while he masturbated. In others‚ she was made to perform oral sex.

The man’s second victim was 12-years-old when she woke up‚ on more than one occasion‚ to find him on top of her. This happened over six months.

The paedophile had also been in a relationship with that child’s mother. The court heard that she was not willing to subject herself to medical exams, but in 2013 she had tried to commit suicide.

Now 17-years-old‚ her ordeal was only revealed after the man was arrested and electronic devices containing hundreds of pornographic videos and images were seized.
In all of the videos depicting his second victim‚ the girl was asleep when he removed her underwear and fondled her.

His third victim was 11-years-old at the time of the assault. She was friends with the second victim and on several occasions‚ she too fell prey to his advances as she slept.
The girl‚ now 16-years-old‚ does not remember any of the incidents. She discovered what had been done to her through videos obtained by the police.

Moosa said that because the girl had no recollection of what had happened‚ she would not be as psychologically affected by the incident as her friend.

The man apologised to his victims and pledged to assist police to catch other paedophiles.

He claimed to have since found God.

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