Cannedy Netshitungulu
2 minute read
8 Feb 2017
6:11 pm

Customer finds insects in Coca-Cola bottle

Cannedy Netshitungulu

The customer, who is yet to hear from Coca-Cola, said he only needed closure to be able to move on with his life.


A customer went to a supermarket in Fordsburg and bought a Coca-Cola king size; however, he did not anticipate what he discovered inside the bottle, Rising Sun Lenesia reports .

He found insects inside the cooldrink and, to date, he is still trying to understand how they ended up in the bottle. He went back to the shop and the cashier confirmed that the drink had insects. They asked him to contact the Coca-Cola call centre, which he did.

A few days later, the Coca-Cola Company sent a representative to collect the bottle for tests.

With a few weeks gone past, without hearing anything from Coca-Cola, he felt like the company was not willing to resolve the issue.

He said he only needs closure and to move on with his life.

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He explained, “I bought a bottle of Coke from a café in Fordsburg. Before I left, I opened it and had a sip. It did not taste right. I showed it to the cashier who confirmed there were insects in the bottle.  I then phoned the call centre.

“After a few days a representative from Devland Depot came to pick up the bottle. She told me that the results will be back after a few weeks, but weeks have gone by now and I have not heard anything from them. I am stuck with the reference, how is that going to help me.”

Pirtunia Dhlamini Public, Coca-Cola’s  affairs and communications manager, confirmed the incident.

“Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) can confirm that a complaint was received from one of our customers. The complaint is in reference to a foreign object that was found in a 300ml Coca-Cola glass bottle. CCBSA would like to assure the public that we are taking this matter seriously and are undertaking a thorough investigation in this regard.”

She adds, “We value our customers and abide by world class health and safety regulations, ensuring that the necessary precautions are taken at all times. The sample was handed over to our laboratory for investigation and we will provide feedback as soon as the findings are available in order to resolve the matter. CCBSA is committed to the highest standards of excellence in terms of our products and meeting our customers’ expectations.

“We take great pride in producing our products and appreciate customer feedback as a means of driving our culture of continuous improvement.

“We encourage customers to get in touch directly via the Coca-Cola website ( or the Consumer Interaction Centre on 0860-112-526 should they have any feedback about our products. This will assist us in ensuring that concerns are dealt with as a priority.”

– Caxton News Service

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