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8 Feb 2017
10:23 am

Police vehicle takes over parking for the disabled

CNS Reporter

A witness took a photo of the car as the cops came back from 'shopping'.

Finished shopping and returning to their car in the parking space for the disabled.

Two on-duty police officers from George, in the Western Cape, parked their official vehicle in a parking space for the disabled at the Redefine Boulevard shopping centre and apparently went shopping, George Herald reports.

An anonymous reader who took a photo of them said the car was already parked there when he arrived at the centre.

He waited for 10 minutes before the officers emerged from the centre.

“When they asked why I was taking photos, I told them that they do not look very disabled to me, and it is a disabled parking. I then walked away to avoid further conflict,” said the witness.

Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie expressed regret at police members disregarding “policies” that protect the rights of others. He said the Pacaltsdorp police were informed about the incident for investigation and possible disciplinary steps.

– Caxton News Service

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