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8 Feb 2017
9:26 am

White woman accidentally messages black property owner using K-word

Citizen reporter

A white woman is alleged to have tried to tell her friend not to rent a black man's 'dump' in Vanderbijlpark, but chose the wrong number.

Anilia van Niekerk Graaff. Picture: Facebook

A social media storm erupted overnight on Tuesday after screengrabs emerged of a woman – alleged to be Anilia van Niekerk Graaff from Sasolburg in the Free State – who accidentally sent a message about a rental property to the wrong recipient on WhatsApp.

Twitter user @SunshineJones_ claimed: “My cousin just sent me this. This white lady viewed her friend’s cottage and sent him this by mistake. I’m so tired of white people wow.”

In the screengrab of the WhatsApp exchange, Van Niekerk Graaff allegedly writes in Afrikaans: “Hey pal. That place is a dump. One bedroom in the back of the kaffer’s yard. I wouldn’t even stay there for free.”

She then recommends a duplex at a sectional title site in Vanderbijlpark called Casa Fiori, which she says looks “very pretty” from the outside, though she doesn’t know how to get hold of the estate agents.

Van Niekerk Graaff had allegedly sent her message to the wrong person, the owner of the property she had just disparaged, who replied to her with: “Are you calling me a Kaffir?”

Another screengrab of Van Niekerk Graaff apologising and admitting extreme embarrassment has also been circulating, along with what’s claimed to be her phone number.

The Citizen attempted to call her, but it rang unanswered. Someone did respond to our WhatsApp query though, claiming they were indeed Van Niekerk Graaff.

She wrote back: “Huge mistake I made. I apologised, but the harassment is still continuing.”

She said her phone had been “ringing constantly” since Tuesday night.

“I am truely [sic] sorry about this and I humbly apologised. But I’m still being harrassed [sic] since last night.”

On her Facebook profile, Van Niekerk Graaff (45) says she is single and lists her home town as Vanderbijlpark. She has two sons named on Facebook, and says she matriculated from a technical high school in Bloemfontein in 1989.

With her number having circulated, it’s clear several people have been calling, allegedly to harass her.

The same user who initially publicised the story about her on Tuesday wrote on Wednesday that she did not like the way “white people smell” and could not imagine being in a relationship with a white man, saying “a pink penis” would be nauseating to her.