Daniella Potter
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2 Feb 2017
1:59 pm

Extreme sport? Drugs? Cyclist rides on busy Joburg highway without helmet

Daniella Potter

The woman appears to be having a great time risking her life without safety gear.

A screenshot of the video of the woman cycling without a helmet on a busy Joburg highway. Picture: CICA on YouTube

A video of a woman cycling without a helmet in the fourth lane of a Johannesburg highway is puzzling Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness (CICA) and many social media users.

It appears that the video was taken on the N3 highway in the East Rand as Bedfordview’s Nicol Hotel is captured in the background of the video.

A screenshot of the N3 Highway near the Nicol Hotel in Bedfordview. Picture: Google Maps

A screenshot of the N3 Highway near the Nicol Hotel in Bedfordview. Picture: Google Maps

The female cyclist can be seen pushing pedals in the middle of the highway among cars travelling along the route. The video appears to be filmed from the emergency lane on the left-hand side of the highway and captures her as she rides past. The woman looks at the camera as she is cycling.

The Arrive Alive website states that, in South Africa, it is illegal to ride a bicycle on a freeway and it is also illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by CICA on January 31 and has been viewed nearly 17 000 times.

Watch the video here:

When tweeting the link to the video, CICA jokingly asked whether any social media users could see an E-tag on the bicycle.


Under the Cycling Safety tab on Arrive Alive‘s website, there is a warning that the safety of cyclists had become a major concern on South African roads and that there has been a “significant increase in the number of fatal accidents involving cyclists”.

In the section on safety tips, the website warned cyclists to always wear helmets, as head injuries were the cause of a high percentage of all cycling deaths.

Following the rules of the road and wearing reflective clothing are just two other road safety requirements mentioned on the list, to which the cyclist in the video is also clearly not adhering.

For the full list of safe cycling tips, click here

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