God will make me disappear from jail, says ‘Doom’ prophet

Doom pastor

Doom pastor

The prophet has dared law enforcement to arrest him, implying the arrest might just be pointless.

Ahead of his appearance at the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane today, Lethebo Detective Rabalago, of Mount Zion General Assembly, says he is not afraid of jail.

In fact, the Doom Prophet dared law enforcement to arrest him, saying jail would not stop him from performing miracles. He further told The Sowetan he believed God could make him disappear from the jail cells.

Rabalago is expected to convince the court today that an interdict by the provincial health department, ordering him to stop using Doom, should not be made final.

The interdict, however, does not seem to bother him, as he said he had a “strong” legal team and expected people to show him support in court. He has promised to be even more outrageous this year “as long as God permits”.

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Some of the church members have since printed T-shirts written ‘Touch Not The Annointed One [sic]’, preparing to accompany their pastor to court today.

The pastor made headlines after he sprayed insect killer Doom on his congregants so they could ostensibly be cured of disease.

Following the incident, a woman who was sprayed with the pesticide came forward, claiming it had healed her ulcers.

“The prophet called sick people to come forward. [Mrs Mitala] went to the forth [sic] and told the prophet that she suffers from ulcer. The prophet sprayed doom on her, and she received her healing and deliverance [sic],” one of the church’s Facebook posts read.

When asked why he would use Doom to heal people, Rabalago said he was chosen before birth to do it.

Following a public outcry over his actions, he responded by “demonstrating the power of God” and posted pictures of himself spraying the insect killer in his own face.

“The Man of God, Prophet Lethebo, demonstrated the Power of God by himself. By putting in his eyes and on the the face of his skin also the mouth. He is giving you answers. We are born of the spirit,” read the caption on the pictures.

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