WATCH: Police officer killed by ‘friendly fire’

Officer killed on duty.

The incident has relayed many falsehood leading to speculation as to whether or not there was an attempted cover up.

A police officer died on Thursday, January 12, after responding to a burglary in progress in Katlehong, on the outskirts of Alberton, Alberton Records reports.

What makes Constable Tshepo Tladi’s death particularly shocking is that he was killed in what appears to be a friendly-fire incident, in which one of his colleagues accidentally shot him in the head.

The incident occurred during an exchange of gunfire between the police and suspects at a petrol station.

In the video, it appears that the victim was shot when he moved to one side while firing on the suspects. His colleague then also fired on the suspects, but struck Constable Tladi in what appears to be the head.

The video brings several questions to light, especially with regards to the level of training the police officers receive.

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An insider told the Record that only about 10 percent of officers were competent because they just got pushed through.

News about the incident relayed many falsehoods, leading to speculation as to whether or not there was an attempted cover up.

Some of the reports state that the officer was shot in the head with an R5 rifle by robbers, but the video clearly shows the officer being shot by his colleague, using his service weapon, a Beretta M9. Reports also say he died in the hospital, but it appears he died instantly from the gunshot.

Record posed some pressing questions to the police, to which they replied as follows: “At this point, we are unable to comment, as there is already a high-level investigation under way by the Hawks around the killing of the member in Katlehong on Thursday. We will await the outcome of the investigation and communicate at the right time,” said Captain Mega Ndobe, the spokesperson for the Katlehong North Police Station.

Video is NOT for sensitive viewers:

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