Don’t talk sh*t about Bathabile, says her spokesperson

Don’t talk sh*t about Bathabile, says her spokesperson

Bathabile Dlamini. Picture: DoC

If it were up to Dlamini, South Africa would not be drinking, and in fact, there would be no alcohol advertising, says Lumka Oliphant.

ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) president Bathabile Dlamini’s spokeperson, Lumka Oliphant, has taken to the social media streets to defend her boss and “dance for her food”.

In a rant that has gone viral and has since been deleted, Oliphant started by warning her boss’ haters, saying she was very much capable of tearing apart someone and taking a Facebook or Twitter conversation to the streets. So if you’re about to say any “sh*t” about her boss, be warned.

She has again defended Dlamini, saying she does not drink alcohol at all.

“If it were all up to her, South Africa would not be drinking, there would be no advertising. So okukun*a nihlala nikuthetha, nikubhala is just that – kukun*a (so the sh*t you always write and talk about is just that – sh*t),” she said.

Oliphant said she did not have a problem with people who said whatever they wanted about her politics, as it was part of the game. All she was asking was for people not to talk “sh*t” about her.

“Just know that from today on, I have decided to take this alcohol matter where you have taken it.”

Read her full statement below shared by Facebook user Kwena Mokgolo:

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The ANCWL on Wednesday released a statement condemning reports that its president was allegedly drunk while addressing a gathering at the Germiston Civic Centre in Ekurhuleni on Friday.

Sources revealed that the minister was allegedly “unsteady on her feet”. They further alleged Dlamini was struggling to stand and used the microphone stand for support when sitting and standing up.

Some people reportedly left without seeing her, as she arrived three hours late, according to the sources. Those who were patient enough to wait for her were not impressed with her speech either, as it was said to be unrelated to the topic at hand.

She started telling people about her upbringing and the schools she attended, further talking about how women generally do not go to bars – remarks that left the crowd in stitches, but perhaps somewhat at her expense.

However, the ANCWL has slammed the report, saying it was a smear campaign aimed at discrediting its leader.

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