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5 Jan 2017
9:27 am

WATCH: SUV rolls off ferry into water

Citizen reporter

Thankfully, no one was inside the car, which ended up taking debit cards and valuables with it to 60m underwater.

A bizarre incident took place last Saturday in Australia on a ferry between Fraser Island and the mainland when what seems to be an old Toyota Land Cruiser simply rolled off the Manta Ray barge ramp into the water. As luck would have it, the ramp was down at that time, so there was nothing to stop the vehicle from its immersion into the water.

Thankfully, no one was inside the car, so there weren’t any injuries reported. However, the rented SUV was packed with valuables, from debit cards and phones to passports and other precious items, so suffice it to say, the tourists had a pretty awful New Year’s Eve.

Chlöe Swift, an eyewitness, said the following:

“Really sad and scary start to our Fraser Island trip. All 4x4s were on the ferry and we were making our way to the island. One of the 4x4s at the back of the ferry completely rolled off and sank. Luckily nobody inside the car! But quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables all gone. Apparently 4×4 is about 60 metres under water now. Now let’s all try and enjoy the rest of our journey on Fraser Island! Happy New Years Eve!”

Watch the video below: