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19 Oct 2016
8:56 am

Ndlozi gives a ‘lesson in brutality’ on anti-student violence

Citizen reporter

The party's national spokesperson claims students are just trying to make people see reality, but politicians don't care since elections are years away.

FILE PICTURE: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi took to Twitter on Tuesday to write a semi-literary, rather dramatic piece about the Fees Must Fall protests and the recent heightened securocratic response to it.

The EFF has apparently played a major role in keeping some of the protests going, with the party having called on “all available revolutionary ground [forces] to to show decisive solidarity towards the unrelenting struggle for free education” at most tertiary campuses in Gauteng, and some of its leaders being at the forefront of the campaign.

Ndlozi called his Facebook post “A lesson in brutality”, and started with: “They fetch them in the dead of night, violently disrupting them from sleep, uncovering them from the dignity of the blankets. Dogs, torches and heavy guns to their faces; in night dresses and pijamas [sic] – they scream, shout, cry and liters and liters of tears later: a rubber bullet wound is also doing its own liters!

“What have they done? They were protesting for free education.

“They drag them to the vans and throw them into the dungeon prison cells where they throw suspected criminals. On the way there students are subjected to immense physical abuse, some even to torture.

“Remember: there are no elections next year. These folks don’t need your useless dukes and dabs anymore!”

He comes to the conclusion that the state believes that “violence and fear” can fix anything.

Ndlozi later writes that “The irony is: the principal believes in free education, the police believes in free education, even Professor X believes in free education. So, what is the problem? Why shoot at the student? Because the student is trying to take a belief away from people and replace it with reality.”

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“Oh, & where is the minister, the president? Fighting their factional battles with all their hearts in the luxurious beer halls of city skies. Or maybe even just sleeping! When they wake up, they concern themselves with positions of eating & their bellies are full of great things! For them, there is no need to listen to students or make concessions: there are no elections next year. They don’t need their useless dukes and dabs!”