Lekota promises ‘clean hands’ rule

FILE PICTURE: Mosiuoa Lekota from COPE. Photo Amanda Watson

FILE PICTURE: Mosiuoa Lekota from COPE. Photo Amanda Watson

The Congress of the People launched its manifesto this weekend and its party leader said they would be focused on ethical governance and good service delivery.

The Congress of the People (Cope) has promised to improve access to housing, the quality of education and the provision of water for citizens if elected to power in the forthcoming local government elections.

The promises were made by Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota while his party launched its 2016 local government elections’ manifesto in Mokwakwaila Stadium in Limpopo on Saturday.

He warned there were 11 million children in South Africa experiencing severe poverty, and said youth and adults were also living in poverty.

“I say to you today that the Congress of the People wants political leaders who are incorruptible,” said Lekota.

“Education will be priority number one in all Cope-run municipalities. Cope councillors will be very actively involved in the running of our schools. South Africa faces a water crisis, which is unlikely to ever go away. Cope will ensure that our dams and water infrastructure are properly managed. All citizens have a right to clean drinking water.”

On the issues of crime and corruption, Lekota said Cope would fight corruption and maximise the role of community policing forums and neighbourhood watch groups.


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