Patricia Mafabatho
1 minute read
3 May 2016
10:55 am

Nyaope addicts earn money as taxi marshals

Patricia Mafabatho

They work as taxi marshals so they can afford to buy nyaope.

Kagiso Skhosana assists a passenger to get on a taxi. Photo by: Patricia Mafabatho

Alleged Nyaope addicts in Tshwane have resorted to working as queue marshals for taxis to afford their fix.

Nyaope also known as Whoonga is an addictive substance and requires its addicts to constantly take the drug, Pretoria North Rekord reported.

The drug is famous for allegedly containing antiretroviral drugs prescribed for HIV, although this has been disputed and is said to simply be an urban legend according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia states that the one version of the claim is that Nyaope contains cannabis, methamphetamines and heroin. It is also believed the drug contains rat poison.

Self-proclaimed Nyaope addict, Kagiso Skhosana from Soshanguve Block H said they work as taxi marshals so they can afford to buy nyaope.

Skhosana is one of many men in Soshanguve who work as queue marshals, earning R2 per passenger.

Most are suspected to be nyaope addicts. They receive the money from taxi drivers after they have assisted people on a nearby road to get a taxi to their different destinations.

Skhosana said some people do not like them.

He said they become the number one suspect if there are any break-ins which saddens him because they are not criminals.

Surprise Mthethwa, a taxi driver said nyaope addicts are afraid to commit crimes because residents kill them.

Mthethwa said he understands the situation these addicts are in and he does not see any reason not to help them when they ask for money because they do not harm anybody.

Mthethwa noted he does not understand why community members act negatively when the addicts ask if they can assist them catch a taxi.

Police constable, Reneilwe Makwalo from the Soshanguve police station has confirmed that nyaope addicts in Soshanguve have not committed any crime recently.

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