Con-artist still at large

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Police are aware of a scammer or con-artist with a similar modus operandi.

Two former employees of an alleged con-artist said he has been getting away with his scams for more than four years.

Pieter Brits contacted Krugersdorp News about the so-called *Ismail who advertises that he buys damaged vehicles, collects them from the owners, but fails to pay the full amount agreed upon.

Pieter and Bennie van Niekerk both used to work at different shops that Ismail owns and said they would face customers demanding their money on a daily basis.
The Roodepoort Record reported in January last year that a Mr Van der Westhuizen is one resident who had been duped.

“Van der Westhuizen says that he saw an advertisement in The Citizen newspaper of a business that buys damaged vehicles. He contacted the man, known to him only as ‘Ismail’.

“On 18 September 2014 after agreeing on selling his car to the man for R15 000 his car was collected. He was promised that within seven days the deal will be finalised and the man would pay the money,” the report read.

Pieter added that Ismail would also pawn cars and immediately sell them.

“Then when the owners come to collect their vehicles, it has already been sold,” he said.

Both Pieter and Bennie claim Ismail still owe them money and that he would stall every time they confronted him about it.

Pieter said police have shown up at one of Ismail’s shops in the Krugersdorp area, but they do not know if he has been caught.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Tshepiso Mashale, said police are aware of a con-artist with a similar modus operandi and an investigation is pending.
“But we cannot confirm that it is the same person,” she said.

Krugersdorp News has tried repeatedly, in vain, to contact Ismail on the number that was provided, but it remains unanswered. The News also sent smses which were responded to with a Please Call Me, after which the number still only rings.

** Krugerdorp News understands that Ismail goes by many other aliases.

– Caxton News Service


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