Kyle Cowan
2 minute read
6 Mar 2016
5:06 pm

Brave guards foil remote jammers

Kyle Cowan

A man driving a Toyota Fortuner noticed that his car would not lock and turned to the guards for help.

Toyota Fortuner. Picture: Suppled.

Vigilance and bravery of two Control Risks Group security guards stationed at Central Park Shopping Centre in Empangeni stopped remote jammers in their tracks earlier today.

Just before noon, a man driving a Toyota Fortuner noticed that his car would not lock, Zululand Observer reported.

After checking all the doors and attempting to lock the car with his remote again, he realised something was amiss.

“The customer approached me and explained to me that he could not lock his car,” said security guard Thembiso Mhlongo, 32.

“I informed the manager of the situation and we decided to keep an eye on the vehicle.”

Seconds later a man was observed exiting a white VW Polo and approaching the Fortuner. He calmly opened the door and climbed inside the vehicle.

“I asked my manager if he saw what I saw and he said yes. Then I started running to the car,” Mhlongo said.

The suspect saw him coming and fled as he neared the vehicle.

Meanwhile Sedumo Nyawo, 32, another security stationed at the shopping centre, heard the commotion.

“I heard some shouting and when I looked outside I saw Thembiso chasing a man. I can run very fast, so I also gave chase…”

Nyawo soon caught up with the suspect as they ducked through traffic on Frank Bull Road.

“I pepper sprayed him, but unfortunately the wind blew some of the spray back into my face. I was struggling to see.”

At this point the suspect broke free and ran to the same white Polo he had arrived in, which was parked in a queue of traffic.

The Polo driver slammed into the car behind to create manoeuvring space before racing over the red traffic light and up Main Road.

“These guys are very lucky. No one I have ever caught got away from me. If his friends in the car weren’t there, I would have had him,” said a disappointed Nyawo.

Empangeni SAPS arrived at the scene within minutes of being called and immediately circulated the details of the vehicle.

Motorists are again urged to be vigilant and ensure their vehicles are locked before leaving them parked.

– Caxton News Service