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20 Feb 2016
2:42 pm

SACP, Cosatu to expose ‘parasitic state capture’


The bilateral identified the emergence of a “parasitic bourgeoisie that seeks to entrench itself within key sectors of the state”.

FILE PICTURE: Cosatu House in Johannesburg. Picture: Michel Bega

The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) and the SA Communist Party on Saturday said they would take on “those associated with state capture through parasitism in public sector formations”.

Senior leadership from the two organisations met for discussions on Friday to share perspectives on the current national and international situation, they said in a joint statement.

The bilateral had identified the emergence of a “parasitic bourgeoisie that seeks to entrench itself within key sectors of the state and particularly within strategic state-owned corporations as an imminent threat to our democracy, our broader movement, and indeed to the ability of our democratic state to drive forward an inclusive and sustainable growth path”.

“Our two formations committed to exposing and fearlessly dealing with those associated with state capture through parasitism in public sector formations and indeed within any of our own movement structures,” they said.

The SACP and Cosatu delegations agreed that the situation called for a closing of ranks between the two formations, and for the intensification of joint political, ideological, and mass campaigning work. “Indeed, in the current circumstances, the two working class formations within the ANC-led alliance have particular responsibilities.”

It had also been agreed that in the coming week a proposal to campaign around the transformation of the financial sector and link this to the struggle for a comprehensive social security system would be taken to their respective decision-making structures – the SACP’s central committee and Cosatu’s central executive committee.

The struggle for a transformed, people-friendly financial sector and the review of the appropriate approach to provident fund reform were inextricably linked to the need for a comprehensive social security system that responded to the reality of the situation.

“It is a situation in which mass unemployment is not a temporary phenomenon for many, and in which worker retirement funds and different social grants are typically not used only by the individual recipients but are needed to support extended households,” the statement said.

The bilateral reaffirmed that the SACP and Cosatu would actively support the African National Congress in the forthcoming local government elections.

“It is critical that both the neo-liberal centre-right DA [Democratic Alliance] and the dangerous, demagogic EFF [Economic Freedom Fighters] are roundly defeated. In expressing our support for the ANC our two formations warned, however, that we will not be able to support candidates thrust upon local communities through perverted, undemocratic processes that are in flagrant defiance of the ANC’s own clear nominations procedures. We call on the ANC national leadership to ensure that where they have occurred these perverted practices are reversed.

“The bilateral [also] noted the Constitutional Court hearing earlier this month into the powers of the public protector. We expressed our full support for the Constitutional Court,” the statement said.

– African News Agency (ANA)