Forgiveness can help heal our country

Forgiveness can help heal our country

Adam Catzavelos sits with his Gogos from Orlando, where he does community service, during a break in proceedings. They have given him the name Mxolisi because he has apologised for his remarks. Randburg Magistrates Court, 13 February 2020. Picture: Neil McCartney

Forgiveness, which leads to redemption, can be purifying and can be the spirit which helps lift the country out of anger and despair.

Are we too cynical for thinking that Adam Catzavelos’ conversion on the road to Damascus is just a little too contrived? There seemed to be little doubting the sincerity of the group of gogos the foul-mouthed racist has charmed as part of his rehabilitation. They have not only forgiven him, they have given him a new name, Mxolisi, which means forgiveness. Catzavelos is doing community service and has been paying a fine of R150 000 (in R5 000 instalments) to the Seth Mazibuko Foundation, whose founder is supervising his community service. Mazibuko testified in court yesterday, ahead of sentencing of...




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