Deny it all you want, but ANC has failed SA

Deny it all you want, but ANC has failed SA

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s efforts to fix South Africa are being undermined from within his own party, the ANC. EFE-EPA/Kim Ludbrook

In the case of South Africa, 30 years on, there are many who refuse to recognise the importance of the De Klerk announcement.

1990 was a watershed year, both for South Africa and the world. It was when two oppressive systems set in motion a process to avert a bloody revolution … but ended up with a revolutionary change anyway. SA president FW de Klerk forever changed the face of the country when, on 2 February, he announced the unbanning of political parties, including the ANC, Pan Africanist Congress and SA Communist Party, and the impending release of Nelson Mandela. Later that year, as liberal reform started to raise its head in parts of the empire controlled by the Soviet Union, the first...




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