Tussle to oust Ramaphosa is starting to look ugly

Tussle to oust Ramaphosa is starting to look ugly

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the ANC 108 anniversary celebration in Kimberley, 11 January 2020. Picture: ANC/Twitter

Turning his back on his political comrades is inviting one, or more, of them, to plunge the knife into him.

Ordinarily, we would welcome the news that President Cyril Ramaphosa will not go to the global capitalist thinktank at Davos this year. He’s been away so often in the last year – as things in the country go from bad to worse – that he looks like a leader jetting while home burns. It appears that this weekend, he and his ANC colleagues are putting their collective heads together to discuss the fate of Eskom and South African Airways, our star state-owned enterprise failures. While we hope the bosberaad does start to take the hard decisions needed to save these...




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