Kagiso Rabada ban is just not cricket

Kagiso Rabada ban is just not cricket

Kagiso Rabada of South Africa, left, celebrate the wicket of Joe Root of England during day 1 of the 3rd Test match between South Africa and England at St Georges Park on January 16, 2020 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Picture: Ashley Vlotman / Gallo Images

We are not condoning loutish behaviour but there must be room for passion and aggression in cricket’s five-day format, if it is to survive.

“It’s just not cricket.” That’s the phrase which summed up the stiff upper lip approach to life of the upper class English of yore. It was simply frightly bad form to make a fuss … about anything. Celebrating an achievement with anything more than a polite hand clap was bordering on uncivilised, wasn’t it? Just not the done thing, don’t you know… Despite the fact that we’re now well into the 21st century and despite the fact that cricket has long since been made an international game, the old stuffy traditions still lurk behind the scenes at the International Cricket...




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