People will suffer if NHI goes ahead

People will suffer if NHI goes ahead

Doctors during surgery. Picture: iStock.

South Africa, though, does not have the financial muscle to sustain such a scheme.

The ANC doesn’t have the Midas touch – most of what it has touched has turned to mud, not gold. And the latest possible disaster-in-the-making is National Health Insurance (NHI). The aim is laudable: reduce the outrageously high costs of private medical services and rehabilitate the over-stretched and crumbling state health sector. But, as Alex van den Heever, of Wits University, said at a panel discussion on the NHI recently, the plan “will create another state-run monopoly that is destined to fail and become racked by corruption and state-capture issues the likes of Eskom, Transnet and other state-owned enterprises have...




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