Allow De Ruyter to put out the Eskom fire

Allow De Ruyter to put out the Eskom fire

Andre de Ruyter will leave his post as Nampak CEO to take up the role as Eskom's new CEO. Image: Moneyweb

The issue is not about race. It is not about black people being unable to run complex organisations, as some white racists have put it.

Predictably, the EFF – along with a motley crew of the disgruntled, the woke and those with chips on their shoulders – has lashed out at the appointment of a white man to head power utility Eskom. Much of the criticism is knee-jerk racism – but there are some parts of the argument against giving the job to Andre de Ruyter, which cannot simply be dismissed out of hand. It is true that the government did not advance the transformation project at all by not appointing a person of colour. It is also true that, under De Ruyter’s watch, the...




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