Beating crime in SA will require a collective effort

Beating crime in SA will require a collective effort

Police Minister Bheki Cele speaks to residents of Philippi East. Cele visited the area to meet with community members after several shooting incidents in the area claimed 13 lives over the past weekend, 8 July 2019. Picture: David Ritchie / African News Agency (ANA)

The way that our criminal justice processes work is geared towards dealing with the results of crime, rather than the fundamental causes of it.

There is one thing at which the ANC’s leaders have proven adept – selling a glorious and unattainable dream.  Cyril Ramaphosa did it recently with his fantasy about a high-speed train whisking people from Joburg to Polokwane – all while the current passenger rail system is a crumbling, dangerous, expensive mess.  Bheki Cele certainly sounded yesterday – in an interview on 702 – as if he was dishing out the same sort of “pie in the sky” as his boss, with his assertion that the country’s horrific crime rate can be halved in 10 years.  That was the day after...




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