Editorials 7.3.2018 03:53 pm

Did Gigaba and Myeni eat the same polony sandwich?

It’s likely that many more state officials are about to suffer a bad case of ‘lie-steriosis’.

This was a day for the history books, with both our home affairs minister, Malusi Gigaba, and the former chairperson of SAA Dudu Myeni apparently being too sick to attend parliament and account for their respective contributions to buggering up the country.

I couldn’t help but wonder if they might be on a golf course somewhere teeing off with that other terminally ill contributor to our unravelling Schabir Shaik.

If Gigaba and Myeni are feeling a little sick, though, I can well understand why.

It didn’t take long yesterday for the music in Gigaba’s little fairy tale about none of the Gupta brothers being SA citizens to stop playing. How he’s going to try to explain this new nonsense is way beyond me. I’d be needing strong medication too in his position.

And as for Myeni, if she can’t stomach having to explain her alleged interference at Eskom to a parliamentary inquiry, what will her health be like when she has to explain what she got up to while in charge at SAA?

How many more government officials are about to fall drastically sick in the months ahead as more inquiries than you can shake 10 doctor’s notes at get under way?

I reckon Dr Aaron Motsoaledi better set aside a whole hospital ward for the afflicted.

But hey, this is what you get when you serve up and eat too many of your own baloney sandwiches.


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