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Charge attacker of JZ supporter

Yesterday, we could see that the winds of change are swirling around Luthuli House.

It wasn’t that long ago that thugs loyal to President Jacob Zuma were vigorously defending Luthuli House, headquarters of the ANC … and assaulting DA supporters in the process.

Yesterday, we could see that the winds of change are swirling around Luthuli House.

A protest march to defend Zuma – and headed by the Black First, Land First – attracted very few people. There were more people there to “defend” Luthuli House.

In the process, vicious thuggery took place as a man, reported to be an ANC branch secretary, kicked and beat a woman he dragged off a bakkie.

The fact that this cowardly act took place in front of the police (who were allegedly there to maintain law and order) was horrifying enough … because they did nothing about it.

Not only did the man clearly believe he was above the law, he also thought he was above reproach in carrying out his attack in full view of the camera lenses of the media.

Photos of the assault quickly went viral across the country as the ANC rushed to condemn the incident.

Clearly, there are many in the ANC who now believe Zuma and his supporters are down and out … and the best time to kick a man (or even better, a woman, because they seldom fight back) is when they’re down.

That speaks of a worrying mob mentality and, much as many people criticise Zuma and his supporters, they are as entitled to common courtesy, respect and human dignity as anyone else.

The public and vile nature of the attack will also worry those in the camp of ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa, who has set himself up as the voice of reason and justice within the organisation.

This thug must be charged and locked up.

There is no other option, Mr Ramaphosa.

ANC Joburg leader seen assaulting woman suspended

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